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About our Organization

The Foundation shall develop, support and promote the power of sports developing the qualities of leadership, social responsibility and academic excellence through the sponsorship of sports camps, team building events and mentoring programs that build healthy spirits, minds and bodies of at risk teens. All sports camps, team building events and mentoring programs are lead by Wayne Gandy, the President of the Foundation.

These activities empower our youth in the direction of leading by example, being socially responsible and striving to be all they can be in an honorable way. All activities are funded with revenue received from membership fees, gifts, contributions from the public, and investment income from Mr. Wayne Gandy. Mr. Gandy has vowed to devote the necessary time needed each summer to insure the success of the Foundation.

Annual Golf Classic
The Wayne Gandy Foundation annual Golf Classic is held every summer. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Mother’s Day
For over 14 years, Wayne and his mother Ms. Bonnie Gandy team together to present a delightful and wonderful free meal to all who come to eat at the Oakland auditorium. This tradition is enjoyed by all who attend.

Game Tailgate
The Game Tailgate is established to offer health organizations, youth sports teams, and young children the experience of the tailgate. During each home game of the Atlanta Falcons, a specially outfitted motor coach is provided along with food and everything to make it a fun experience. Tickets for the game are always provided for everyone that participates.


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