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Football Camp

For the past 10 years, Wayne has sponsored the Wayne Gandy football and cheerleading camp in Haines City but it’s open to children from around the state. Since starting the camp, it has grown in size from 125 kids to over 1300 this past year. Everyone who attends this camp can see how much of his heart and soul he puts into it. Wayne also ensures that the NFL players who accompany him have the same dedication and responsibility to teaching as he does. With this camp, Wayne has brought some of the top league players to Haines City who otherwise never would have made an appearance here. The kids have enjoyed it immensely over the years.


Annual Golf Classic

The Wayne Gandy Football Weekend will feature a charity golf tournament for the benefit of Haines City youth programs. Participants will have the opportunity to play golf with Gandy and all the other NFL stars who will serve as instructors at the football camp

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